State Representative Jones' Bills

Senior-Specific Measures

SB 1726 — Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee (Co-Sponsored)

A task force to explore new approaches to aiding Alzheimer’s
patients and finding a cure

House Bill 2643

Protects seniors from scammers by giving seniors 14 days to
cancel door-to-door contracts.

HB 833 — Senior Homestead Exemption Act

Cook County seniors granted a property tax exemption need
not reapply every year (through 2024)

SB 1814 (budget bill) — Seniors Ride Free Transit Account Expansion

• The Department on Aging, the Department of Human Services,
and the Department of Healthcare and Family Services will
coordinate and implement a streamlined process for seniors to
access benefits under the State’s Medical Assistance Program.
• Income eligibility limits on this program were raised
o One-person households: $27,610 to $33,562
o Two-person households: $36,635 to $44,533
o Three or more: $45,657 to $55,500

HB 347 — Assault of Elderly Person Penalties

Any person convicted of assault of an elderly person shall not
receive any property or benefits in case of the death of that
elderly person.

Affordable Healthcare Laws

HB 2160 — Health Insurance Reform

• Requires the Department of Insurance (DOI) and the Department
of Health and Family Services (HFS) to develop simple, uniform
authorization forms for prescription drugs, which providers and
insurers must use.
• There are currently numerous authorization forms necessary
for every specific insurer. Beginning in January, all forms will be
combined into one for commercial insurers and one for managed
care organizations.

• This will cut down on prescription filing wait time and lower costs.

HB 2604 — Safe Patients Limits Act (still in rules, you voted yes in committee)

• Limits the patient assignments to a maximum of four per nurse.
• The National Campaign for Safe RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios
states that staffing requirements like those included in the bill
increase the quality of health care hospitals can provide, lower
overall costs and even save lives.
• The Illinois Nurses Association is a strong supporter of the bill.

HB 465 — Cracking Down on Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Curbs skyrocketing prescription drug prices, protect the rights
of patients in the emergency room, and create comprehensive
regulations for PBMs.
• Combined, these measures should help substantially lower the
cost of health care in Illinois.

House Bill 471

Stops double-digit health insurance premium increases

Senate Bill 667

Caps the out-of-pocket cost of insulin

House Bill 1

Creates a task force to address health care disparities facing
African-American mothers