Thursday Virtual Press Conference: ILBC to Discuss IL Supreme Court Ruling on SAFE-T Act

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CHICAGO – The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus will be holding a press conference on Thursday, July 20 at 11 a.m. on Zoom where they will discuss the importance of Tuesday’s constitutionality ruling for the Pre-Trial Fairness Act provision of the SAFE-T Act.

“Tuesday’s ruling shows us that justice is on our side when we create legislation that truly puts people first,” state Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, said. “Our caucus will continue to advance compassionate and comprehensive reforms, and I look forward to highlighting how each of our members will bring solutions to bear.”

Members of the ILBC including state Rep. Justin Slaughter, state Rep. Lakeshia Collins, state Sen. Robert Peters, Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford, and state Sen. Elgie Sims will join Joint Chair Carol Ammons to articulate how the recent ruling impacts the full implementation of the law, the importance of ending cash bail, and their future criminal justice work.

“Since day one, I have maintained that the cash bail system places an undue burden on poor people accused of crime and in and of itself does not adequately make our communities safe,” state Sen. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, said. “By upholding this monumental legislation, the Illinois Supreme Court is providing for greater protections and more humane treatment of those who have been arrested and accused of crime.”

“I’m proud to have played a pivotal role in passing the SAFE-T Act and the Pretrial Fairness Act, and

I’m grateful for the work of my colleagues in the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus,” Slaughter said. “Now, we welcome the opportunity to implement the pretrial reforms that will increase both public safety and fairness for all residents, no matter their economic status.”

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