Rep. Thaddeus Jones to Serve on Insurance, Judicial, Labor and Prescription Drug House Committees

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SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. – State Rep. Thaddeus Jones, D-Calumet City, will continue his commitment to supporting victims during insurance disputes, creating fairer judicial practices and expanding access to the prescription drugs people count on as a member of key House committees.

“I have made it my mission as state representative to be an advocate for my community and Illinoisans everywhere as we tackle the challenges we all face,” Jones said. “These committees provide me an opportunity to continue my advocacy for our state’s most vulnerable and heal wounds caused by institutional and historical disadvantages that burden Illinoisans. I will continue on as chair of the Insurance committee, where I plan to hold corporations and organizations accountable to people wronged by malpractice and willful misconduct.”

In addition to serving as chair, Jones will serve as a member of the Labor & Commerce committee where he will highlight the need for compassionate policy that prioritizes working families over the profits of a wealthy few. As the country grapples with a biased judicial system, Jones will coordinate with his colleagues to create a fairer justice system on the Judiciary: Civil committee. Lastly, on the Prescription Drug Affordability & Accessibility, supporting programs to bring down costs is his top priority.

Jones has a history of advocating insurance accountability to Illinois families and fighting for better access to necessary prescription drugs. Jones sponsored legislation that creates more opportunities for insurance companies to lower prescription drug costs for insurers (House Bill 1745). He also helped pass the Private Primary Residential Flood Insurance Act which set forward transparency requirements for flood insurance providers so those insured are informed about how their plans can protect their homes and livelihoods.

“Illinoisans deserve a fighter that will hold people accountable and create forward thinking policy,” Jones said. “I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in these committees, because the challenges we face are only going to be solved through collaboration, compassion and grit.”